Saturday, May 23, 2015

‘Frozen’ Quilt


This is Phyl’s Frozen quilt and the pattern she used is called Mahjongg.    She used the Disney themed fabric for the focus and I love the blue and purple accent colours.   She bought the Frozen fabric at a quilt show in Mesa so I can’t tell you the name of the shop she she purchased it at.     I thought my new Snow Winds panto would suit this quilt and Dream Puff batting as it is a child's quilt.


I’m so happy to have my sparkly water back!  Phyl purchased a light beige Stonehenge backing from me for this quilt.  I’m really glad I carry these backing as they are very handy for my clients since we do not have a local quilt shop.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Pedal to the Metal #6


This is Alex’s Pedal to the Metal quilt and it is a Highway 10 Designs pattern which you can find here.   Alex used a pretty blue/teal focus fabric with butterflies so asked for a butterfly panto, so Butterfly Charm it is!  She also requested a teal thread that matches the colours of the butterflies in the fabric.  I’m so glad she made this request as I don’t think I would have thought to use this bold of a colour but it looks so good on the quilt.  Love it when a client has me think outside my box!


Here is a picture of the So Fine thread colour used on the quilt.


Its another beautiful day here in Northern Manitoba, high of 25’ today.  Yesterday I had a bit of an adventure and had to chase a weasel out of my basement!  My husband said that they are great for catching mice so I hope that doesn’t mean we also have more mice down there again.  Good thing our basement/crawlspace is not accessible from our main level so there is no worry of them getting up into the house.  Now we just have to find out how he got in there!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Paris Flea Market Find Quilt


This week I have been working on a very large quilt and it belongs to my client Gail.  It is the largest quilt I have done on my machine and I don’t think I can take any larger as the backing fabric was the length of my canvas leaders!    The pattern is called Paris Flea Market Find and she made the 109” x109” King size.    Gail pieced her quilt in beautiful shades of red with black and white accents.  I used Quilters Dream Blend batting and free hand quilted all the feather motifs and CC’s.  The outer border is a simple Piano key design so to not take away from the bold printed border fabric.


The borders are 8” wide and I love the corner blocks she added.  I quilted simple loops in the inner border as they worked well around the points of the stars.


It as been very windy and cool here this week so I was very happy to wake up to a calm sunny day!  Just loved the cloud patterns in the sky this afternoon so had to get a shot of those too!  


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Green Batik


This is Kirsten’s Batik quilt and she asked for custom quilting as it will be a gift.    The fabrics all have leaf designs so I used that as my inspiration and quilted leaves in the outer border and swirls in the inner border.  The setting block was a perfect spot for a feather swirl but I made the feathers a leafy feather.  I repeated the shape of the outer border feathers in the pieced blocks along with some CC shapes.


I used Quilters Dream Blend batting and two colours of So Fine threads, a light and darker green.


The snow is gone and the geese, loons, duck and herons have returned.  Do I dare say spring is here?


Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to Work!


This past week has been very busy but I did manage to squeeze one client quilt on the machine.  This is Maxine’s Town Square quilt and I love the fabrics she used.  I had to give her my speech on how I hate tiny flange borders as I have to baste those down so the don’t flip the wrong way when quilting a panto.  The basting worked very well but I still hate those flanges on quilts!    I used Fascination for the panto design, black So Fine thread and Black Quilters Dream Poly batting.


Now to my week!   It started with a weekend getaway with my husband for our 20th anniversary which is next week.  We thought we would test drive a few cars and see what the value of my 2007 CR-V was for trade in.  Well the new CR-V’s are very different now but feel like the same car when driving, they are so comfortable!   They asked what I wanted for a trade in and my husband leaves the haggling up to me as I love that part!  I told them I know what is it worth on their lot and to make me an offer I can’t refuse as the decision to make the purchase of a new CR-V depends on what they offer.  We were very prepared to walk away as my car was in great running condition and the salesman knew that.  So he came back with a very reasonable trade in offer that made me smile and I even got a $1500 off the sticker price too!   So we drove home in a new car and it just happens to be a pretty blue colour too! 


Now to take this baby on a road trip!  So on Thursday I drove 600km to visit my friend Lori and we had a fantastic 4 days!    We worked on a new Highway 10 Designs pattern and I went to her guild meeting.   On Friday we drove to KickAss Country Quilt Shop in Plumas, MB and Wayne,the owner of the shop, even closed up shop and took us out of lunch!  Talk about feeling special, and yes I did drop a bit of money there!   He was telling us that he likes to tell his customers that the ladies behind Highway 10 are really ‘Go Getters’.  After we shared a few stories with him he now as a new expression for us but you’ll have to ask him what it is!  Smile 

I had also stopped in at Fabriculous in Swan River on my drive down, Wendy the owner made me lunch when I got there and we had a nice visit.  The quilt shops in Manitoba are run by the most amazing people and wish I could visit their shops more often.

Only have one picture of Lori and I together, her husband took it just before I left and it turned out nice.   Thanks for the great visit Lori and it was fun to be there for your birthday! 


While I was away my husband was sending me pictures of the weather back home…so glad I was not home!  Really snow on May 9th!


It is now almost gone and my son threw the snowman in the lake!    I hope that is the last of the white stuff!  Now to get back to work.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer in the Park Quilt


This is Phyl’s Summer in the Park quilt and you can find the YouTube video tutorial on how to make this quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company here.   This one was made using the Rum Raisin Bali Pop and a light batik background.  The pantograph is Whirlygig, the thread is light beige So Fine, and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  I also made this quilt a few years ago and really like how it was pieced, it makes a very nice quilt.


I took these pictures a few days ago and today our little bay is almost ice free!  Now if only my yard was bear free!  We have been having a bear show up early in the morning for the past two nights and last night at 3am the neighbourhood dogs did a good job at scaring it away.  But not before he stole a bag of garbage and left a trail in the bush!   We picked up what we could and will be storing our garbage in our garage for the time being.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Four Patch Charm Quilt #4

This is Rae’s Four Patch Charm quilt and was made using my tutorial found here.   I love the blue and green batik fabrics she used and this quilt will be a raffle quilt at her church Bazaar in the fall.  Hope it sells a lot of tickets!    I quilted it the same as my tutorial sample and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Here is a close up of the pebbles.  I want you to see that I do cross over my lines sometimes and I don’t pick them out because you only see that when you look really closely.  So be kind to yourself when you pebble, they look better once you’re done and are looking at the whole quilt, trust me on that.   I did have to pick out a section of pebbles but that had to do with a tension issue and I’m glad I caught that before taking it off the machine.

The backing is a Stonehenge grey/beige piece.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lug Nuts Table Runner


This weekend I whipped up a quick table runner using our Highway 10 Designs Lug Nuts pattern.    It measures 20” x 52” so quite large but good if you have a large table.  I used all batik fabrics and quilted it with feathers and swirls.  Also made a bias binding to work the inner angles nicely.


Our crazy weather continues and I’m now enjoying sunny 20’ temps for the next few days.  So now that all the snow is gone I’m having some fun taking pictures in areas that have been buried under snow for the last 6 months.


When I mentioned my favourite rock outcrop in a post a week ago there was  request to see the whole rock so I’m happy to oblige.   As you can see my whole Shack was built on this outcrop.


Thought this last picture showed the layers well but then realized you can see another interesting feature that is common in our area that is running vertical.    Can you see the parallel grooves?  Those striations are created by advancing glaciers 8,000 to 15,000 years ago. They show the direction the ice was moving, the grooves were created by rocks and gravel at the bottom of the glacier being dragged across the outcrop.  That’s your geology lesson for the day! Smile